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Whatever dude.

I didn't really write much of a history for Wan when we started playing, but one just created itself over time. I've never actually written it until now.

Some time about four hundred years before Dale Reckoning, a city of the Netherese from the threat of the phaerimms to the plane of shadow. It was here that Wan was born into slavery, some three hundred eighty years later. After five years of doing a little labor indoors, Wan was brought to the fields where the Shades ( the decendents of the Netherese who abandoned their souls for the essence of "shadowstuff" ) had enslaved the Netherese who haven't been tied to the Shadow.

They were building an army of constructs for use on their planned return to the material plane. For thirteen years, Wan worked alongside the remaining humanoid Netherese, but their numbers were dropping. More and more were fusing their bodies with the shadow.

Earlier this year (1372), the city of shade made it's way back to the material plane in the remains of the kingdom of Netheril, now known as Anauroch. What was once lush fields and forest, all ruled by the Netherese, was now barren. A sea of sand. Thus the Shades realized that they knew nothing of their surroundings. All of the books of old were horribly wrong, the kingdom they had left fighing for survival was no longer and nothing had taken it's place. Seeing their ignorance the Shades sent out groups of scouts to survey the landscape and gather information of the plane they again called home.

Wan was on such an expedition to the Silver Marches. After a long trek through the desertm the group came to the High Ice, and followed eastward. One day, during break, Wan wandered away from the group to see what the surroundings held. For this time was the first in Wan's life that he didn't have the tight whip of the Shades on his back. The Shade that was with them was a nice man. He didn't mind if the slaves wandered a little, because he was arrogant enough to think that no matter how far they would get away, that he could catch them.

So Wan wanders around for a while and comes upon what seems to be a ruined mining camp. In the camp, he finds a pool of what seems to be molten metal surrounded by strange looking pyramids. Wan reports this to his commanding Shade and the group quickly returns to the city of Shade to report their discovery. The Shades are excited about the discovery of the ruins of Ascore and quickly send a team of workers to the area headed by a man named, Decius.

The Shades get reports back of the success of the project, how Decius has successfully captured a group of slaves to get the required materials and the pool looks like what they need. Upon hearing this the higher-ups decide to reward Wan for his finding and set Wan free. So Wan decides that he doesn't want to be the cause for the enslavement of other men, so he sets off for Ascore to try and stop what he started.

Wan Teitou - Human Psion ( Psychokinesis )
Age Birth Date Height Hair Skin Gender Weight Eyes Handedness Favored Weapon
19 Unknown 6'2" Short Brown Light Yellowy Male 112 lbs Blue Left Psionics
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